Snyder details nervous road trip

Snyder details nervous road trip

SAN FRANCISCO -- D-backs catcher Chris Snyder had a knot in his stomach throughout the team's road trip through Atlanta and Florida earlier this month.

And it wasn't just because the D-backs were struggling on the field.

Snyder's pregnant wife, Carla, began having contractions the Thursday the team left for the five-game trip. When the team reached Atlanta, Snyder got five or six calls from Carla during dinner wondering if she needed to go to the hospital.

"We didn't know what to do," Snyder said.

Doctors were able to slow the contractions, so Snyder stayed with the team, but he did have plenty of backup plans thanks to D-backs senior director of team travel Roger Riley.

"Roger gave me all the flights that were leaving from Atlanta, Miami and Fort Lauderdale," Snyder said. "And if it was going to come down to it, he had talked to some people about getting a private jet set up on a couple of hours notice. It was very nerve-racking."

Snyder was focused on the field, but the down times in the dugout were the hardest.

"There were times where I would be sitting in the dugout during the game looking at that clock in right field and thinking, 'Missed that flight. If she calls right now, I can still sneak on that last flight. I missed the last flight, hope she can hang on until the morning,'" Snyder said. "It was pretty crazy."

Carla, though, was able to hold off until the team returned home, and labor was induced a day or so after that. Trevor Snyder, the couple's third child, was born May 22.

"She's a trouper," Snyder said. "I tell you what, when we landed in Phoenix that was like a weight off my chest."