Reliever Vasquez moving on from balk

Reliever Vasquez moving on from balk

LOS ANGELES -- One day after balking home the winning run in the ninth inning, D-backs reliever Esmerling Vasquez was looking to turn the page.

"It's a new day today," Vasquez said. "I'm ready for tonight."

With two strikes on the Dodgers' Blake DeWitt on Monday night, Casey Blake took a couple of hard steps down the third-base line and Vasquez flinched for the balk, as Blake came home with the game-winner.

"I'm thinking of striking a guy out," Vasquez said. "That's what I was focused on. I saw something moving [out of the corner of my eye]. I went to step off and I moved my left leg first. I balked. It happens."

It's a mistake the second-year player is unlikely to repeat.

"Especially with two out, the pitcher's really not paying a lot of attention to you, so anything you see out of the corner of your eye is going to get your attention," Dodgers manager Joe Torre said. "And that's what it looked like happened."