Two days after beaning, Reynolds sits

Two days after beaning, Reynolds sits

PHOENIX -- Mark Reynolds is a tough guy, but he may have been a little too tough for his own good.

The D-backs third baseman talked his way into Wednesday's starting lineup one day after being hit in the head by a 95-mph fastball. Reynolds fanned three times and was forced to leave the game in the seventh inning when it became obvious he was still suffering effects of the beaning.

"I felt fine all day," Reynolds said. "Felt good in BP. About the sixth or seventh inning, I just didn't feel myself. Kind of felt it throughout the game, I was missing pitches I would normally crush and the game just kind of sped up for me."

Reynolds was not in Thursday's lineup and likely will be off Friday as well, though, he could still wind up pinch-hitting.

"The doctor said sometimes when you get trauma to your head, it takes a couple of days for the cobwebs to clear out a little bit and feel normal again," he said. "So I'm just going to relax and try to get back to normal before I go back out there again."

Reynolds said the doctors told him that he did not suffer a concussion.

Arizona interim manager Kirk Gibson was asked if he regretted putting Reynolds in the lineup Wednesday.

"I don't because with all the information he tested out fine," Gibson said.

Thursday, Reynolds did not try to talk his way into the lineup.

"I'm still dealing with something new," he said. "I feel normal, but the doctor said head injuries are tricky, so I'm just going to take it day by day and see if I get better."