D-backs talk about opening 2011 in Taiwan

D-backs talk about opening 2011 in Taiwan

WASHINGTON -- The D-backs had a pregame meeting with Gene Orza and Mike Myers of the Major League Baseball Players Association on Friday to discuss the team's possible season-opening trip to Taiwan next year.

Major League Baseball International is currently negotiating a deal with Taiwan that would have the D-backs and Giants play a pair of exhibitions as well as a pair of regular-season games overseas next March.

The Giants, who had already been briefed by the Players Association, and the D-backs would have to agree to the arrangement, and Arizona player rep Ian Kennedy said he will begin canvassing the players over the next couple of days before reporting back to the union.

"You've got some mixture," said Kennedy when asked about the initial reaction. "I haven't gotten a lot of feedback yet."

Arizona team president and CEO Derrick Hall said that if the agreement goes through, the D-backs would likely lose two regular-season games as well as the two exhibition games they play each year at Chase Field just prior to the start of the season.

The D-backs, he said, would be compensated for the missed home gates. MLB has asked the D-backs to give up two dates rather than one apiece as previously discussed, because given the Giants' higher ticket prices and larger attendance, they would require more money in compensation, Hall said.

"I didn't want to," said Hall of giving up two home dates, "but I'm willing to to make the deal work. Our [season-ticket holders] would then pay for 79 home games instead of 81. What it does for us internationally and brand exposure, we're in favor of it."