D-backs responding to 'nuances' of Gibson

D-backs responding to 'nuances' of Gibson

PHOENIX -- Kirk Gibson cringes at the mere thought of being conventional. So the D-backs' interim manager doesn't automatically accept baseball goings-on that counterparts deem customary.

Like, for example, position players leaving the dugout during games to watch replays of their at-bats or to confirm their suspicions of an umpire's poor strike-zone calls.

"Guys were always running back and forth, 'Oh, a pitch was two inches outside,'" said Gibson, who recently revoked access to the video room. "In my opinion, they ran down to watch a negative. I don't like that. The other thing is, I believe you need to be on the bench to watch the game."

How has the adjustment panned out?

"They've been great with it," Gibson said. "Really, it's eliminated a lot of the [complaining].

"I'll continue to try more nuances like that. I think it will help us."