D-Backs to change look in 2007

D-Backs to change look in 2007

PHOENIX -- Like a snake shedding its skin, the Diamondbacks will have a fresh look in 2007.

After years of studying the issue, the D-Backs will change their color scheme to a red, sand and black combination, though team officials declined to be specific regarding the new look.

"Major League Baseball rules prohibit us from providing any details at this time," Diamondbacks executive vice president Derrick Hall said. "I can confirm that there will be some changes, and that we are excited about those changes."

When the franchise was first awarded in 1995, the team chose a color scheme that consisted of what the club called "Arizona" turquoise, copper, black and purple. Turquoise was chosen because the greenish-blue stone is indigenous to the state and copper because Arizona is a leading copper-producing state. Purple was added because it had gained popularity in the state as the primary color of the NBA's Phoenix Suns.

When the team began play, the club received feedback from various media outlets that the color purple is a difficult one to match up when it comes to graphics, logos and photos with the purple coming out looking either blue or black. Purple also was a challenging color to match up from a merchandising standpoint.

In an effort to continue the tradition of making the colors representative of the state, the team chose to call its shade of red "Sedona red" due to its similarity to the famous red rocks in the northern Arizona town of Sedona.

Also, for the sake of continuity, the team's "A" logo is not expected to change much, though, the secondary "D" logo will receive an update and be more modern looking. It's not known for sure which logo will appear on the team's hats or what color the hats will be. Currently the team wears purple caps with the "A" logo at home and black caps with the "D" logo on the road.

Steve Gilbert is a reporter for MLB.com. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.