Visit from Navy SEALs inspires D-backs

Visit from Navy SEALs inspires D-backs

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.-- The D-backs received a visit from three Navy SEALs on Wednesday, and, to a man, they came away impressed.

The trio spoke for around an hour before watching the team's workout.

"Like they said, when we make a mistake, we might cost our team a ballgame, and that's very important to us," pitcher Barry Enright said. "But when they make a mistake, it could cost someone their life."

The initials "DWI" were written on a white board near the team's daily schedule, which means when things get difficult "Deal With It."

"They basically said you can either choose to kick butt that day or choose to get your butt kicked," Enright said. "It hits home in the sense that when you wake up, you can either go out and get after it that day, or you can go out there and roll over and let someone beat you."

Catcher Miguel Montero said the gist of the talk was about being mentally tough.

"That's the way you want to be in life," Montero said. "You want your mind to control your body, not your body controlling your mind."