Roberts wears pink spikes on Mother's Day

Roberts wears pink spikes on Mother's Day

SAN DIEGO -- Ryan Roberts did not think wearing pink spikes was over the top. After all, how could you do too much to pay tribute to mothers, as well as raise awareness for the cause of breast cancer?

The D-backs joined the rest of Major League Baseball on Sunday by swinging pink bats and wearing pink wristbands on Mother's Day.

Roberts took things a step further with his pink spikes.

"This is my first year to be able to do it," Roberts said. "To be able to play a sport that gets attention and use it to recognize mothers, as well as an important cause, is real cool."

Roberts and his wife Kim have a young daughter, Hudsyn.

"For me, I think sometimes being a mom gets overlooked," he said. "I mean, man, that's a tough job. In the offseason, I get a taste of it for a few days -- and it's not easy."

Outfielder Justin Upton used a pink bat to double in the eighth inning. He eventually came around to score to pull the D-backs to within 4-3.

"It's for a great cause," Upton said. "For us, being on TV and being able to raise awareness of breast cancer is awesome. On top of that, we get to honor our mothers -- the people who brought us into this world -- and let them know how much we care about them."