Heilman showing steady progress

Heilman showing steady progress

MIAMI -- It has only been two scoreless outings, but when you've been struggling like D-backs reliever Aaron Heilman has, you take progress where you can.

Heilman tossed a scoreless inning Saturday night against the Marlins, which came on the heels of Wednesday's scoreless frame in Pittsburgh.

If that doesn't seem impressive, consider that in his previous six outings, he had a 14.29 ERA in 5 2/3 innings.

"I feel better," Heilman said. "Working on a few things to make sure I'm getting myself in a good position to go out there and keep my pitches down in the zone and have some movement on them. Hopefully I just keep taking small little steps and go out there each game and get a little bit better and get back to where I feel like I should be and going out there and being a contributor to this team. It's frustrating and it's tough when you don't feel like you've contributed like you should."

Heilman has made some mechanical adjustments as the team tries to get him to throw at more of a downhill angle after getting under the ball during his struggles.

"It's always difficult when you start making changes and you're never quite sure what the effects are going to have and how long it's going to take before you're really able to assimilate that into your game and be successful at it," Heilman said. "It's going to be a work in progress, but I definitely see some signs that my ball is starting to move a little bit more like it should."