Bloomquist OK following traffic accident

Bloomquist OK following traffic accident

PHOENIX -- The way D-backs utility man Willie Bloomquist sees it, he really has no business playing in a baseball game on Wednesday.

"Blessed is the word," Bloomquist said, a day after his car was crunched in a collision on Highway 51 and Thunderbird in Phoenix.

Bloomquist was following a trailer carrying granite countertops when one of those granite countertops fell onto the freeway and, in his words, "Blew up, like popcorn or something, all over the freeway."

The person in front of Bloomquist slammed on his breaks, Bloomquist slammed on his brakes but the driver behind him didn't.

He hit Bloomquist, who hit the car in front of him, totaling the 33-year-old's car.

"It's done," he said of the car. "Totaled."

On Tuesday night, Bloomquist led off the ninth inning with a groundout to shortstop after convincing D-backs manager Kirk Gibson he was ready to go.

"I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little stiff and a little sore yesterday," he said.

Bloomquist led off and played left field on Wednesday.