Gibson on receiving end of joke neckties

Gibson on receiving end of joke neckties

KANSAS CITY -- When he walked into his office at Chase Field on Monday prior to getting on the team bus for the flight to Kansas City, D-backs manager Kirk Gibson looked at the tie bench coach Alan Trammell was wearing and thought he saw something familiar.

Then head athletic trainer Ken Crenshaw came by and Gibson did a double take.

Apparently veterans Kelly Johnson and J.J. Putz were at the heart of the prank in which every player wore ties with the picture of Gibson taken during the filming of a Right Guard deodorant commercial in 1989.

"I think they're both guilty and there will be retribution toward both of them at some point this year," Gibson said with a smile on his face. "I generally don't get involved in things like that. I don't aim to get even, but I do aim to get ahead."

Though he was on the receiving end of the joke, Gibson had to admire the player's handiwork.

"It was pretty good, it was pretty funny," Gibson said. "Very well executed. I'll get them back. We'll have some fun with that. I've got some ideas already."