Gibson mindful of not wearing out Putz

Gibson mindful of not wearing out Putz

PHOENIX -- D-backs closer J.J. Putz didn't pitch on Sunday against the Tigers.

But manager Kirk Gibson insists that Putz isn't injured and that he's trying to save the closer's bullets for later in the season.

"He's not hurt," Gibson said. "It was my decision."

Putz picked up saves on three consecutive days last week, closing out the Royals twice in Kansas City and finishing off the Tigers on Friday night. Aaron Heilman and David Hernandez each pitched Sunday as the D-backs allowed seven runs in the eighth inning of an 8-3 loss to the Tigers.

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"We need to develop a bullpen," Gibson said. "It can't just be J.J. and David [Hernandez] all the time. It won't happen at this point in the season."

Putz's 21 saves are tied for fourth in the National League.

"I know him, I listened to him and I watched him throw," Gibson said. "It's important if everybody can play in August and September."