There's a method to Gibson's lineup madness

There's a method to Gibson's lineup madness

PHOENIX -- You wouldn't understand if he tried to explain it to you.

That's how D-backs manager Kirk Gibson sums up penciling in his lineup every day.

"You really wouldn't," he said. "There's so many things that go into this little crazy mind of mine. You just process it and process [the information] until you feel it."

The 55-year-old skipper said he gets to the park around noon each day, watches film, looks at numbers, player matrices -- where he logs their playing time -- and does it all over again.

"I ran into [bench coach Alan] Trammell at coffee today, we talked a little bit about it," he said of Wednesday's lineup, which included Chris Young, Ryan Roberts and Paul Goldschmidt a day after they were given a rest.

"Then I write a lineup and sit it on my desk, and Tram will come by and he'll look around and say, 'Got one? You thinking about one?' And then eventually I have a white card I'll put out there."

Gibson noted that among other things, matchups and a real commitment to get his whole team action come into play.

"Those guys all felt good about who they were and how they were going to compete," Gibson said of Tuesday night's substitutions. "And that's part of our strength."