Ziegler finding his groove with D-backs

Ziegler finding his groove with D-backs

Ziegler finding his groove with D-backs
SAN FRANCISCO -- D-backs reliever Brad Ziegler seems to have settled in just over one month since he was acquired from the A's.

Over his last six games, a span of 4 1/3 innings, Ziegler has not allowed a run or a walk, and more importantly for a reliever, he has stranded all eight of the runners he inherited.

In his first eight games, the sidearming right-hander allowed four of seven inherited runners to score and walked five batters in 8 2/3 innings.

Part of it was getting settled in with finding a place to live and all that comes with being uprooted suddenly.

Two bigger factors, though, were on-field ones. First there was pitching in the National League for the first time and second was trying to get acclimated to the way the D-backs coaching staff likes its pitchers to control the running game by varying times to the plate.

"The National League style of ball is different and it took a little getting used to," he said. "Hitters are more aggressive early in the count and it made a difference just in how I had to approach each at-bat."

As for the running game, Ziegler has picked that up a little better, and the staff sought to find a middle ground that worked for both parties.

"I feel like we're there now," he said.