Montero turns attention to starting new streak

Montero turns attention to starting new streak

LOS ANGELES -- Having his hitting streak stopped at 18 games Saturday was not a crushing blow to D-backs catcher Miguel Montero.

"I'll just start another one tomorrow," he said that night.

In fact, Montero said he didn't even realize he had a hitting streak going until a reporter asked him about it a couple of days before it ended.

"Two days later, [it's] gone," Montero said. "It's OK, I'll start a new one. What are you going to do? Eventually it was going to be over one day. It wasn't like I had 51."

In his last 23 games, Montero is hitting .333 with a .955 OPS (on-base plus slugging).

"If Miggy gets strikes to hit, he'll hit .300," hitting coach Don Baylor said. "But when he tries to lift, swing at high pitches to hit home runs ... when he's on, he hits the ball the other way. It's down in the zone, it's not up. When he's swinging good like he is right now, you can just tell the balls down he's rifling for home runs or doubles."