Relaxed mind-set helps Young escape slump

Relaxed mind-set helps Young escape slump

LOS ANGELES -- A change in mentality more than mechanics has been the key to D-backs outfielder Chris Young's resurgence at the plate.

"I'm just relaxed, that's the only thing that I've made a conscious effort to switch up," Young said. "When you go through scuffles you naturally press a little more than normal. I think anybody does and you try to find a way to let the past go and push forward and that's what I've been trying to do."

A nagging left thumb injury seemed to be what started him on his second-half slump and caused him to fall into some bad habits.

"We've been trying to get him to stay back," Arizona hitting coach Don Baylor said. "I know his thumb is bothering him, so now you try to be quicker, you try to be faster and it's really gotten him into where his hips are flying open, he's jumping. So we just kind of worked on loading, staying back, see the ball a lot better, get his foot down all the things we talk about all the time. He's had some really good at-bats starting at home."

In his last five games before Wednesday, Young hit .375 and drew six walks, indicating he was seeing the ball better at the plate.

"I still want him to use the other side of the field because he's really narrowed down the field, everything is on the left side," Baylor said. "If I can just get him to just flip a ball to right field, he's got a double or triple. So he's coming along."