Hall chats with D-backs fans

Hall chats with D-backs fans

Derrick Hall: Good afternoon. It would have been better with a victory today, but that's why we play 162 games. Last night was a heart-breaker, but we can see these kids have come to play again this year.

iluvgoo: Good afternoon, Mr. Hall. Congratulations on your contract extension, it is well deserved. Tough game today, that Johnny Cueto kid is tough. Nice to see Justin Upton get a hold of one.

Hall: Thank you so much. I am excited to be here and to hopefully continue building back this fan-base. Cueto is real good. He had a quick and solid Minor League career and looks like he'll be at this level for a while now. It is always easier for a team offensively if they know the pitcher. This was the first time our guys have seen him, but he was real impressive.

iluvgoo: Is there discussion about bringing up Max Scherzer if Doug Davis is not able to get through this illness?

Hall: There is constant discussion on Max because of his terrific fall and spring. He was the talk of the scouts this Spring Training. He is not ready at this point, and needs some time in the Minors on a regular basis. It was clearly better for his development to start down below, but with his talent, he won't be down long.

dbacker20: I noticed that Dan Haren's jersey number was 15. Wasn't that Jeff Salazar's number last year?

Hall: You are correct, Jeff wore No. 15 last season. Knowing that Dan wanted to wear the number, Jeff was willing to switch to No. 12. Judging by Jeff's performance in the opener and Dan's performance yesterday, they should be satisfied with what they have!

betocoyote: Hello, Mr. Hall. Is there a way D-backs merchandise is available in Hermosillo's Hector Espino Stadium? The Hermosillo fans want to be able to show D-back pride! Thanks, and let's get that 2008 NL West championship.

Hall: We will discuss outlets with Major League Baseball. You can purchase some at our local ticket outlet there across from The Fiesta Americana. The name of the ticket outlet is Discrubre Phoenix. We had a great time playing there again this year. Sonoran fans are spectacular. We hope to have more presence there and get back to playing games there annually.

dcuervo: Have you considered signing Byung-Hyun Kim to fill in until Randy Johnson is able to throw successfully again?

Hall: We have not considered him. We have a good deal of depth with Yusmeiro Petit, Edgar Gonzalez, Juan Gutierrez, etc. As you may recall, we acquired Kim near the end of last season and he started a few games for us before we released him.

gantz4: I am a big D-backs fan. I just cannot afford cable. Like many of your fans, I am really upset that 99 percent of the games are on cable. I think that is alienating a lot of fans.

Hall: I understand your frustration. We will have 50 games over-the-air on Channel 44 KPHE. Additionally, we are trying to create programs that would give you trial access through DirecTV, Cox Cable and Qwest. Having the games on FSNA gives us more state coverage and allows for a consistent look and feel for every game. Their production quality and ability to give us additional programming are key factors. Most teams will be cable exclusive soon, as many already are. It becomes more and more difficult for over-the-air stations to clear that much prime time programming for sports.

dbacker20: I was reading an article about the Nationals' new Jumbotron and how big it is compared to some other large screens. The article made no mention of ours! Is our new screen not as big as I thought it was?

Hall: Ours is larger than that one, and it looked great -- I was at their opener. Our board is superb and we cannot wait to unveil it on Opening Day. We have a few tricks up our sleeves to do so. We held back on the bells and whistles during the two exhibition games. This will really enhance the experience.

iluvgoo: Are there any Minor League options if the O-Dog tries to price himself out of Arizona as a free agent at the end of this year?

Hall: O-Dog is a special player who we would all like to see in a D-backs uniform for a long, long time. However, one of the most impressive talents in our organization is second baseman Emilio Bonifacio. He has caught the attention of everyone in baseball with his speed, glove, bat and character. It is great having that luxury playing every day in Tucson.

gantz4: This is a comment and does not require an answer ... I want to thank you again for getting those souvenirs last year for my kids. I still remember that. I like to have people like you in the D-backs' front office, that do things like that.

Hall: It is our pleasure. I say this every chat (or type it every chat), but we truly enjoy the fan interaction. And if we can put smiles on children's faces, we are doing our jobs and earning fans for life. We appreciate the support and passion for this team.

dbacksfan04022006: Is there a chance that Juan Cruz may be a starter? He had some nasty pitches in today's game.

Hall: He did pitch great. Juan started for us a bit a few years ago and did a good job. He is an effective reliever for us and our staff just believes he's better out of the pen when considering his durability and effectiveness.

Hall: Time flies when I'm having fun. This is the end of today's chat. I cannot wait until next week to have the regular season here at Chase Field. I look forward to seeing you and saying hello here. Let's get the Rockies this weekend. Go D-backs!