Kennedy in holding pattern for next opponent

Kennedy in holding pattern for next opponent

PHOENIX -- Ian Kennedy is meticulous in preparing for his starts, which could present a bit of a problem for the right-hander when it comes to the National League Division Series.

Kennedy is expected to be the team's Game 1 starter, though nothing has been announced in that regard, and the D-backs have no idea whom they will be facing next Saturday, or for that matter whether they will be at home or on the road.

If the D-backs can wrestle away the second-best record in the NL from the Brewers, they would host Games 1 and 2 against either the Braves or Brewers.

If they are not able to make up the one-game deficit -- a tie would go to the D-backs based on the season series -- Arizona would either travel to Philadelphia or Milwaukee for Games 1 and 2 depending on whether the Braves or Cardinals win the NL Wild Card.

With all those possible scenarios, Kennedy is just taking a wait-and-see approach.

"I think there's enough time," he said about preparation. "I've been paying attention to what's going on just because it's exciting, but I haven't really paid attention in that detail yet."

Kennedy has faced both the Brewers and Phillies this year, but has not gotten a look at the Braves since starting against them twice last year.