D-backs holding off on setting NLDS roster

D-backs holding off on setting NLDS roster

D-backs holding off on setting NLDS roster
PHOENIX -- D-backs manager Kirk Gibson doesn't want to leave any playoff possibility underanalyzed, and that means his National League Division Series roster likely won't be finalized until late.

Granted, Gibson may have no choice but to wait until Friday to make up his mind on his final roster because the NL Wild Card race may not be decided until Thursday night.

Gibson has said that one of the biggest factors in terms of his decisions will be who the D-backs play, and three different possibilities remain.

"Whether I know now or whether I know in 24 hours or 48 hours, it's just getting prepared to make proper decisions, to try and understand the information," Gibson said. "That's part of it. It's better than going home like a lot of the other guys in there."

Earlier this week, Gibson said Geoff Blum will be on the playoff roster, meaning if Gibson also chooses Sean Burroughs, as expected, there will be room for 11 pitchers. But he wouldn't commit to that number.

Gibson wouldn't blink at all in terms of his playoff roster strategy. Especially, he said, because he doesn't know whom the D-backs will play.

"I'm not trying to be elusive," Gibson said. "I'm just being honest with you. I don't have it figured out. I don't think there's a consensus at this point."

The D-backs will play either the Brewers, Phillies or Braves on Saturday and the series has the chance to open in any of three different cities -- including Phoenix and excluding Atlanta.

"We're going to take the time and try and think things out, because I might change my mind at this point," Gibson said. "We'll make decisions when we have to."