D-backs plan to run aggressively in postseason

D-backs plan to run aggressively in postseason

D-backs plan to run aggressively in postseason
MILWAUKEE -- Part of changing the culture of the D-backs meant being more aggressive on the basepaths, and manager Kirk Gibson made it clear Saturday that's not something that's going to change in the postseason.

Manufacturing runs -- which added up to the No. 4 total in the National League, slightly ahead of the more vaunted Brewers lineup -- is one of the key elements of the D-backs' resurgence this season. From their 133 steals (second in the NL) to a propensity to go for the extra base, being aggressive has worked.

Gibson knows there's give and take to that approach, but that's part of the change in attitude.

"I would never say anything to my player about running into an out," Gibson said. "If you want them to be aggressive and push the envelope, you can't have a negative comment to them for doing what you ask them to do. That's part of it. You're going to run into outs.

"We've had several games, I guess, throughout the year where we've run into several outs, but you've just got to deal with it."

Another side of manufacturing runs -- sacrifice bunts -- is something the D-backs did not do a lot of this year, registering just 50 sacrifice bunts to rank last in the National League. But Gibson said if the situation dictates, he'll have someone drop one down if need be.

"Maybe the fact that I haven't bunted means that I will," Gibson said.