Postgame interview with Kirk Gibson

Postgame interview with Kirk Gibson

Postgame interview with Kirk Gibson

Q. It looked like the momentum was starting to change your way and then the ball being in the air by your pitcher, and it turned everything around for you.

KIRK GIBSON: In the beginning the guys battled and they did come back. In this environment they got off to a good start. Braun has been outstanding. They hit the change up. They scored those two runs with two outs on us. Another change up and the home run.

Definitely the guys came back, and then we unraveled the block. That seemed to really get to Ziggy.

We had another first and third, we had one out already, we just want to pick the ball up. We're aware that that's the play that they're probably going to go to. But we're at that point in the game, there's outs left, swinging the bat decently, you feel you can score, you want to pick your ball up and take your out.

It was well executed on their part, but he tried to go home. And now we've got second and third. And they got five runs in that inning.

Q. Did the bunt catch you guys by surprise or were you anticipating that?

KIRK GIBSON: No, we're well aware of that. Lucroy has done it several times. It happens all around the League. It's just an excitable moment. And actually, I thought he was going to tag him at first, but he obviously thought he had a chance at it. And again, in that situation, you just want to try and take your out. But he didn't do it, the other guy was busting his tail out there. It's not as easy as it might seem. It's a very intense situation, but you learn from it.

Q. What did you think of Hudson tonight?

KIRK GIBSON: He made some mistakes with his change up. They got to his change up. Like I said, Braun hit one. Weeks hit one, that was with two strikes. He actually started to throw the ball good at the end. But when Hairston got the double, I had to take him out.

But obviously we'd like to shut everybody out. It doesn't work that way. These guys are swinging the bats good. They're within their environment and they're playing very aggressive and seeing the ball well. It puts a lot of pressure on us.

Q. When Ziegler was starting to fall apart there did you think about (INAUDIBLE)?

KIRK GIBSON: You think a lot of different scenarios. You are where you're at in the game and you're trying to communicate. It's very loud in there. It takes time.

Q. Your club has exhibited resilience all season long. Does that give you some additional hope for this situation?

KIRK GIBSON: We have hope. We're going to go to our environment now. We've played better at home, just as well as the Brewers have.

I actually thought our guys, they battled in the 7th inning, the 8th inning, the 9th inning. They didn't lay down. We've made it tough on ourselves.

The Brewers have played well. You've got to give them credit at this point. We have been resilient all year, and we expect to come back and play well in our arena, as well.

Q. After the bunt play, did it just happen too fast? It was all first pitches after that.

KIRK GIBSON: Well, he wasn't throwing the ball good. He usually throws a real wicked sinker, setting up on the inside part of the plate, basically middle, it was not his normal sink.

It was tough. It was tough. I've been there. I understand. I can relate to it. It's nothing against anybody's effort, it's how it goes sometimes.

Q. Did you think with Braun and Fielder it was a matter of just execution or the way you guys were attacking them?

KIRK GIBSON: They're good hitters. The hit, Fielder guy had another change up, hit it kind of off the end of the bat and it was a ground ball. Braun was swinging the bat well. We pitched him a little differently last time. Threw the ball inside on him.

They're good hitters. You've got to try there's not much room for error when they're swinging the bat the way they are right now.

Q. Can you just clarify what you mean by the noise, are you talking communicating out from the bullpen?

KIRK GIBSON: When you talk, when you're talking in the dugout, when you're talking on the mound, when infielders are talking. People are reminding people about the bunt, take your out. We specifically went over that when we were out there. We are where we are at in the game. You don't have to make a great play. Let's make sure that we get our outs.

Q. On the balk, was there confusion about who should be covering second?

KIRK GIBSON: No, there was no confusion at all, they just called the balk.

Q. Did you guys think Braun missed third on that?


Q. Did you see it?

KIRK GIBSON: I didn't see it, but I have people on the bench, and Ryan Roberts, as well, thought he missed it. Did you guys see the replay? We always have people that watch it, yeah.

Q. Are you confident in Josh Collmenter making this huge start? What explains the success he's had against Milwaukee so far?

KIRK GIBSON: He's a little different. He has a little different angle. They haven't seen him much. They saw him two games.

You have to be confident. We were standing there like in the 8th inning, and I was talking to Miggy, and I think J Up was over there, as crazy as it seems right now, this type of game, if you can come back and win, the momentum shifts on it. And I was specifically thinking about where we were against the Mets in 1988. We were basically three outs away from going down three games to one to Doc Gooden on the mound.

So you have a will, you have to try and find a way. It's the attitude we'll take.

Q. I was wondering what you thought of Greinke.

KIRK GIBSON: We got four runs off of him. We got him out of the game. He's got good stuff. He's got good stuff. Ultimately we made mistakes, and made it hard on ourself.