A Postgame Interview with Paul Goldschmidt

A Postgame Interview with Paul Goldschmidt

A Postgame Interview with Paul Goldschmidt
Q. A lot of big at bats obviously this year so far coming up in August. But just talk about obviously probably the biggest at bat of your life so far. Talk about what was going through when they walked Miggy to get to you, take us through that at bat?

PAUL GOLDSCHMIDT: It's happened plenty of times hitting 5th, and there's been a lot of times I haven't came through, and luckily the time was right today and I was able to get a pitch and drive it.

Q. When that happens, when you see the catcher's hand go up and you know they're going to put it on you, what runs through your mind?

PAUL GOLDSCHMIDT: You can't get too excited. In the back of your mind you know you want to get the job done to help the team. Like I said, I've been in that situation plenty of times and failed more than I've succeeded. And luckily tonight was a good night to come through.

Q. You started the season in the minors. Did you have any idea you'd be hitting grand slams in the postseason? What does that feel like to go that transition?

PAUL GOLDSCHMIDT: Yeah, I mean obviously it's fun. But basically just being able to help us win the game. If we don't win the game, everyone is in there upset, our season is over.

Right now it's not about me, it's about the team. And really that's how it's been this whole year since I got here. And that's how we got in this situation, and try to keep going.

Q. Josh mentioned that he came in tonight and the team didn't feel like you were down 0 2. Did you feel that way, too? Can you describe what he was talking about, in the clubhouse, did it feel that way?

PAUL GOLDSCHMIDT: Obviously we know the situation we're in, but we're a confident team. We've had a lot of come from behind wins this year. We understand it's a big test to come back. But we also realize you can't be out there trying to press and trying to do too much. The team did a good job of just playing the way we've played the whole year. And we've got to keep that attitude going forward.

Q. Of course you're obviously in your home stadium. How much did you guys feed off that crowd tonight?

PAUL GOLDSCHMIDT: It was awesome. Almost 50,000 people here cheering for us. We were in Milwaukee and their crowd was loud. But to get home and get the momentum early with a quick first inning and score a couple of runs, it was definitely a huge momentum boost.

Q. Can you talk about what the pitch was, what you were looking for and when you hit it did you think it was out or what was your thoughts?

PAUL GOLDSCHMIDT: I mean, I had two strikes, and so just trying to battle. I can't really sit on one pitch. He ended up throwing a fastball. And I'm sure he missed his spot because it ended up down the middle and I was able to get a good part of the bat on it. I knew I hit it well, but Hart was going after it hard. And luckily it was able to get out of here.

Q. Does it affect a hitter when it's a bat without any rhythm, stepping off the mound, the catcher going out there, all that going on?

PAUL GOLDSCHMIDT: If you let it affect you, it can affect you. I just kind of kept stepping out. I felt good in there, the whole at B, and I wasn't too aggressive.

But I mean, I've failed in that situation or not gotten a hit or he's made a good pitch. That was a mistake pitch, for sure. If he makes a good pitch we're probably not talking about it and probably got out. And so it just ended up being good timing for us.

Q. You've gone opposite field quite a bit lately, the last several weeks, month. Has your approach changed a little bit? Have you tried to do a little more of that, take pitches that way?

PAUL GOLDSCHMIDT: I mean, I think my approach has stayed fairly the same. I haven't tried to change too much. I just think now I've I guess in the bigger situation, been able to come through. I think it happened some when I was here, and I was just not as consistent. My approach has pretty much stayed the same, but it's just worked out in my favor a few times when the cameras are on.

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