Blum rooting for Berkman to get a ring

Blum rooting for Berkman to get a ring

Blum rooting for Berkman to get a ring
PHOENIX -- Geoff Blum knows what it's like to be on the winning end of a World Series.

The D-backs infielder was a member of the 2005 White Sox, who swept the Astros in the Fall Classic to capture the franchise's first World Series title since 1917, and it is something he will never forget.

"I was talking to Henry Blanco toward the end of the season," Blum said referring to the D-backs catcher. "We were going on our playoff run, and I said that having been to the World Series and won it, it's definitely one of those things I really wish that every single guy that plays would be able to experience, because it's such a magical time to be playing baseball. The guys you're around are incredible. When everything is clicking, it's a great place to be."

Blum, who spent the majority of his 13-year career in the National League, considers himself an NL guy at heart, and this year, he has a little extra incentive to want to see the Cardinals prevail, if only because it would mean his former teammate Lance Berkman would finally get a World Series ring.

Blum played with Berkman for four-plus seasons in Houston and was there in 2010 when Berkman was dealt to the Yankees after 12 seasons with the Astros.

"Especially for Lance, because he has done everything right," Blum said. "He took a chance last year when he made the choice to waive his no-trade clause and go to New York. Him leaving Houston was a big deal for him personally and for that organization, so I think seeing him come back and contribute and be part of a ballclub that's worthy of being in the World Series is a great thing for him. He was a great teammate and all around just a good dude."

Of course, Berkman might have a ring already if not for Blum in 2005.

Blum hit a 14th-inning home run in Game 3 of the 2005 World Series. It was his first at-bat of the series and it proved to be the game-winner, as the White Sox completed the sweep the next day.

"That's the other thing, he can go ahead and get his ring now, because I beat up on him the first time when I got mine," Blum said with a laugh.

Blum and the D-backs became spectators in the playoffs when they dropped a five-game NL Division Series to the Brewers earlier this month.

Still, when the calendar turns to October, Blum thinks back to that series six years ago.

"Oh yeah, that's obviously one of my more fond baseball memories," he said. "It was a phenomenal year all the way around for myself, my family and my career. A lot of good things happened for me, so I definitely think back on it quite a bit in October."

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