Hudson explains retaliation comments

Hudson explains retaliation comments

Hudson explains retaliation comments
SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Daniel Hudson stood by the comments he made to KTAR 620 AM on Monday, but the D-backs right-hander sought to clarify them a bit Tuesday.

Hudson was asked about the number of times outfielder Justin Upton had been hit last year.

"If it's a starting pitcher, remember, he's got to hit," Hudson told the station. "They either have to hit their spots, or expect something in return."

Tuesday, Hudson wanted to make it clear that he did not mean that as a warning to the rest of the National League -- well, at least not an official one.

"It's just something we paid attention to last year, but at the same time we were trying to make a playoff push so we were trying to be smart about it," Hudson said about the fact D-backs pitchers did not often retaliate when Upton was hit. "But from the get-go this year, we're more aware of it, so if it happens, consequences shall, or shall not, be made."

Upton was hit 19 times last year, most in the NL.

"Obviously everyone knows he's our best hitter and kind of tried to take him out of the game as much as possible," Hudson said. "The scouting report may be to throw him inside, pound him inside, but it comes to a point where you either hit your spot or you don't, and when it becomes a problem is when you do it more than once in a game, more than once in a series. Then it becomes a problem. I said what I said and I stand by it, but like I said, it got perceived a little bit different than I actually said it."