Miley mulls revenge on prankster Putz

Miley mulls revenge on prankster Putz

Miley mulls revenge on prankster Putz
SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Wade Miley starts off the day very vigilant.

But invariably once stretching starts, or maybe the day's drills get under way, he forgets and then suddenly there's a big chewing-gum bubble on his hat courtesy of closer/prankster J.J. Putz.

Tuesday, for the first time Miley actually caught Putz in the act and was able to knock it off.

"The best thing is everyone in here is a part of it," Miley said looking around the clubhouse. "They all block shadows so I can't see his shadow putting it on there and next thing I know, bam, it's on there."

It's a tradition of sorts that began after Miley got called up from Triple-A last year and seemed to happen every game.

"The worst was when he set it up for me to go out there and catch the [ceremonial] first pitch," Miley said. "And I'm walking out there and I look up on the scoreboard and there's a huge piece of bubblegum on my hat. That was the most embarrassing one. My grandma has pictures of that in my room. She printed pictures off and they're framed."

Miley has begun to plot his revenge.

"I got him one time, but he claimed he knew it was on there, so I don't know, I guess that's not official then," Miley said. "I'm going to get him. I gotta do something. I'm not going to do the bubblegum on that hat. I'm going to do something else."

Rookies, though, have to be careful when playing pranks on veterans.

"It's hard because I've got two months in and he's got eight years, but it's getting serious now," Miley said, his smile making it clear he really wasn't serious. "You've got to put your foot down at some point, right?"