Gibson looking for improvement in results

Gibson looking for improvement in results

Gibson looking for improvement in results
PEORIA, Ariz. -- D-backs manager Kirk Gibson has been patient so far with the way his team has played this spring, but that could change if they don't start improving.

"We haven't played very well," Gibson said. "We just haven't had good at-bats, I'll just leave it at that. The other teams have out executed us: pitching, hitting, everything. So we certainly have room for improvement."

There is temptation to overlook the struggles because, after all, the team similarly struggled last spring and they wound up winning 94 games and the National League West.

That line of reasoning only goes so far with Gibson, though.

"I don't rely on that," Gibson said. "We know that if we don't play well in the spring it doesn't mean anything, yet to me we do want to play good, period. You always want to play good. People are coming out to see us play good, we want to play well."

The last few days, Gibson has backed off some of the morning fundamental work with the theory that it would leave the team fresher for the games in the afternoon. The team has won two of three games since, but Gibson is not ready to say that's the reason.

"It seems like our bats are a little slow right now," Gibson said. "I don't think it's a physical thing, I think it's a mentality thing. We just have to put better at-bats together. We'll get there. We know we can hit. We know we can pitch. We know we can play. It's a process."