Slight adjustment has Young off to hot start

Slight adjustment has Young off to hot start

Slight adjustment has Young off to hot start
GOODYEAR, Ariz. -- Chris Young is off to a red-hot start this spring.

The D-backs' center fielder is hitting .500 through the first week of games, including two doubles and a pair of homers.

Young started hitting in November last year, a month earlier than usual, and while working on his swing he found himself holding his hands a bit higher than he had in the past.

"I just have my hands slotted a little different, working on pitch selection and working on being down through the ball [more] than I was last year," Young said. "More of a downward plane just to stay above the ball, you know give me more room for error. Even if I do expand my zone a little bit, if my swing path is better and more consistent, I'll get a lot more hits out of it."

Young is also working to try to hit the ball to all fields rather than becoming too pull-oriented.

"It's not so much hitting the ball the other way, it's hitting the ball where it's pitched," he said. "When I stay through the middle of the field, normally I hit the ball where it's pitched and I just have a better swing path toward it, my hips don't fly open early. I stay on the slider down and away a lot better and if it's off the plate, it's easier to lay off it than it is if my hips are flying open and I'm speeding the ball up."

Young, who was bothered for much of second half with an injured thumb, hit .236 with 20 homers and 71 RBIs in 2011.