Ziegler to nix spring adjustments

Ziegler to nix spring adjustments

Ziegler to nix spring adjustments
SAN DIEGO -- Brad Ziegler was simply looking to get better when he decided to move to the third-base side of the pitching rubber this spring.

The D-backs right-hander wanted to get a better angle for throwing inside to left-handed batters given his submarine pitching style. The change worked from that standpoint, but it made it harder for him to pitch in on righties and away on lefties.

It was also a big reason why he said he compiled a 6.55 ERA this spring.

"It was a lot tougher adjustment than I thought it was going to be and once I committed to it in spring I wanted to keep working on it," Ziegler said. "I figured there would be times where there would be some rough results with it, but I didn't expect it to be as consistently rough as it was. It was like every outing I was giving up a run."

When he struggled Tuesday in his first regular-season action, he decided enough was enough.

"It just got to the point after [Tuesday] night that, you know what? Let's just go back what was working before," Ziegler said. "We can make some minor adjustments from there, but there's no reason to make drastic changes when I had a [2.16] ERA or whatever it was last year."

Ziegler threw a bullpen session Wednesday and got positive reviews from pitching coach Charles Nagy and manager Kirk Gibson.

Gibson said he will focus on trying to get Ziegler some more consistent work and that along with the mechanical change should get him back on target.

"I hope I get back in there [Wednesday] or [Thursday] just to get that confidence back and more importantly get my teammates confidence back behind me," Ziegler said. "Because I want them knowing I'm going to go out there, pound the zone and get tons of ground balls any time I'm out there."