Cahill not pleased, but will keep battling

Cahill not pleased, but will keep battling

DENVER -- Trevor Cahill only gave up one run over six innings in his first start in a D-backs uniform last Tuesday, but he was less than pleased with the six walks he gave up.

In looking back over the start, Cahill did not find anything he could correct for Sunday when he takes the mound against the Rockies.

"I didn't see any big differences mechanically or anything," Cahill said. "Sometimes you feel where it's coming out, sometimes it just comes out different every time."

So what does he do when something like that happens during the game?

"I've had my share of games where I didn't know where it was going," Cahill said. "But you just have to battle through it and hope you figure something out, or something clicks. It definitely makes it tough."