Bright lights, big city a bit much for Miley

Bright lights, big city a bit much for Miley

NEW YORK -- Wade Miley stepped out of the team's hotel in Times Square on Friday morning to take his first look at the Big Apple.

It did not last long.

"I went two blocks and came back," Miley said. "There's people everywhere."

Keep in mind that Miley lives in Loranger, La., where the estimated population is just under 6,000. So the number of people walking around Times Square, well, that was pretty overwhelming for him.

"You won't see that many people in my hometown in three weeks," Miley said. "It's a lot of people. Some people like the high-paced lifestyle. I don't. Last night on the bus back -- we couldn't even turn. The crosswalk said 'Stop', but it didn't even matter. It was like a herd of bulls coming through. They weren't stopping. Holy cow."

Miley did not seem intimidated by pitching in New York. The left-hander allowed four runs in the third inning of his start Friday, but did not allow any further damage, lasting six innings.