Gibson shortens batting practice time

Gibson shortens batting practice time

DENVER -- In an attempt to help his team not press during its recent slump, D-backs manager Kirk Gibson decided to reduce the team's time in the batting cage.

Typically, each of the groups hit for 15 minutes, but Gibson reduced it to 10 minutes.

"It's way less swings," Gibson said.

And that means less time to think, or overthink as the case may be.

"We just feel like our personalities when you get frustrated and things are going good you work harder," Gibson said. "So we tried to simplify our thought process and our physical stuff."

It's something that his players realize as well.

"It's hard for everybody, because everybody wants to contribute," catcher Miguel Montero said of the struggles. "Things haven't worked out the way we want them to, so we keep pushing harder and harder. Let's try to do less and things are going to be better."