Kubel welcomes opportunity to DH again

Kubel welcomes opportunity to DH again

Kubel welcomes opportunity to DH again
ARLINGTON -- There was a time Jason Kubel did not like serving as a designated hitter.

The D-backs outfielder, though, welcomed the opportunity to DH on Tuesday in the first of six straight games Arizona will play in American League parks.

"I don't mind it one bit right now," Kubel said. "It's nice just to take it a little easy, I guess. It's half a day off, pretty much."

In his seven seasons with the Twins, Kubel appeared in 321 games as a DH, hitting .273 with a .796 OPS (on-base plus slugging).

That experience was one of the reasons D-backs manager Kirk Gibson decided to shift Kubel from left field to DH and insert Gerardo Parra in left.

"I know he's done it," Gibson said. "It's a little different mentality. Sometimes when you have an at-bat, you go out and play the field, it gets you to move on. When you're a DH, sometimes you've got nothing to do but think about your at-bat. He's done it before, he should be good for it."

As with most things with his lineup, though, just because Kubel is the DH on Tuesday does not necessarily mean he'll be there Wednesday.

"I do it day by day," Gibson said of his lineup decisions.

Any opportunity Gibson has to get Parra into a game defensively, he likes to. After all, Parra did earn a National League Gold Glove Award last year for his work in left.

"Kubel's been good and he's thrown the ball well for us, but Parra's really good," Gibson said. "If I can get him out there, I'll always get him out there. He gets to the ball, he's got great hands and he's got a well-above-average arm with well-above-average carry."