Goldschmidt even keel amid hitting streak

Goldschmidt even keel amid hitting streak

ARLINGTON -- Paul Goldschmidt's 17-game hitting streak came to an end Tuesday, but the D-backs first baseman did not lose any sleep over it.

"Not that much," Goldschmidt said when asked how much he thought about the streak while it was happening. "Obviously at times it creeps into your head, but I didn't want to think about it. It wasn't that important to me at all. I just had the same approach every day. I just tried to do what I could to help us win like I do every other day."

Goldschmidt was 26-for-62 during the streak for a .419 batting average.

After a slow start to the year, Goldschmidt began to take off from April 30 on. He was hitting .185 at that time before hitting .333 in the 35 games since to raise his average to .288, entering Wednesday.

"I felt good for a few weeks," Goldschmidt said. "I felt not that bad earlier when I was struggling too. There were pitches that I was fouling off or just missing. That was the main difference. I think that's just part of the game. Now luckily, I've been hitting them hard instead of fouling them straight back."