Collmenter credits mechanics for turnaround

Collmenter credits mechanics for turnaround

ANAHEIM -- Time in the bullpen is apparently just what Josh Collmenter needed to get his mechanics in order.

The D-backs right-hander began the season in the rotation, but after four starts and a 9.82 ERA, the team shifted him to a relief role.

In eight games out of the bullpen, Collmenter has a 1.53 ERA. Rather than a switch in role, it's an improvement in his mechanics that have led to the success.

"Now that my mechanics are back on track, everything feels normal and natural and I don't have to do anything out of the ordinary to get the ball to do what I want it to," Collmenter said.

With his mechanics out of whack as a starter, Collmenter had a hard time putting his fastball where he wanted it.

"I was forcing some things and the ball was coming back over the plate," Collmenter said. "Those balls ended up doing a lot of damage. I'm back to being able to pound both sides of the plate with my fastball. Offspeed stuff was good, but it was just the fastball control wasn't there. It's good to get that back."