'Shocked' Hernandez gets first career hit

'Shocked' Hernandez gets first career hit

'Shocked' Hernandez gets first career hit
PHOENIX -- In the bottom of the eighth inning on Friday, D-backs manager Kirk Gibson turned to pitcher David Hernandez and told him he would be up third in the inning, and there would be no pinch-hitter.

Hernandez was shocked.

"I asked him four times if he was serious," Hernandez said. "Everything else was a blur after that."

Indeed, Gibson was, and as Hernandez made his way to the batter's box for just his fourth career plate appearance, Gibson yelled to him that he didn't have to swing if he didn't want. Hernandez claimed later that he did not hear what Gibson said.

"Of course, those guys aren't going to listen to me on that," Gibson said.

Hernandez took two strikes before blooping a single to right for his first Major League hit. He was asked if he followed the "see ball, hit ball" philosophy.

"No, it was more, see a thing moving in that direction and swing the bat," he said. "The hardest thing was staying focused after that to go back out and pitch."

Hernandez, though, retired the Cubs in order in the ninth to pick up the save.