Elbow tear comes as shock to Hudson

Elbow tear comes as shock to Hudson

ATLANTA -- When he got the news on Wednesday that he had a complete tear of his ulnar collateral ligament, D-backs right-hander Daniel Hudson was shocked.

"It's something that nobody wants to hear, especially in my profession, being a pitcher," Hudson said. "It stinks. It's probably some of the worst news you can get. For somebody to tell you you're most likely going to require surgery and miss 12 months of baseball, that's not easy news to take. It is what it is. I've had some time to reflect upon it, and now it's time get it taken care of and go from there to try to get back on the field as soon as possible."

Hudson said he will get a second opinion from noted surgeon Lewis Yocum on Friday before making a definite decision on whether to have Tommy John surgery.

Since it was first performed in 1974, the surgery has become more and more refined, and the success rate for it has been far better than surgeries that involve the shoulder. The recovery time is generally 12 months.

"Obviously, the success rate kind of speaks for itself," Hudson said."People on my end, we're still keeping my fingers crossed. It's not a 100-percent success rate. ... I've got to go out there and get my rehab done and make sure I'm doing what I need to do to get back on the field as soon as possible."

Hudson said he was surprised to learn he had a complete tear because he did not feel a "pop" at any point in his elbow like some pitchers who have suffered the injury describe.

Elbow soreness was nothing new for Hudson, who said he has experienced some form of it for a long time. He added that he did not believe he was pitching through an injury when he took the mound on Tuesday in Atlanta.

"I didn't necessarily feel it when I was executing a pitch a couple of games before that," Hudson said. "What I meant to say was, I've always had general soreness in my elbow when I pitch. It's just the way I throw. Before this year, I've never felt anything in my shoulder. If I felt anything during a start or after a start, it was always in my elbow. That's just the way it was."