Haren feeling frustrated after loss

Haren feeling frustrated after loss

LOS ANGELES -- For Dan Haren, the frustration was overwhelming.

The right-hander felt great when he took the mound for the D-backs on Friday night's series opener against the Dodgers. When he left it after just four innings with the Dodgers leading 5-0, any semblance of good feelings had long since dissipated.

"Obviously, I'm a little down, personally, but more team-wise," Haren said. "I put my heart and soul into it and not getting good results is obviously frustrating."

Good results were plentiful for Haren up until the past month. He's struggled in his past two starts and going back a little further, in four of his past six.

"No one takes losing harder than I do," Haren said. "Frustration just got a hold of me a little bit last night, but today is a new day and I have to go out and work hard and try to get better. By no means am I going to be giving up or taking this into my next start. Every time I go out there, I feel like I'm going to win, and that included last night."

Friday's loss dropped his season record to 14-8 and questions once again surfaced as to whether something was wrong with arm.

"The most frustrating thing is there's nothing physically [wrong]," he said. "I felt really good going into the game yesterday, I just didn't get any results so it was just a little more frustrating than usual. I fell behind a little bit and had to come into guys. Physically, I'm there. I'm just not getting any results."

Or at least not the ones he wants. Friday was a long night for Haren once he left the ballpark, as he replayed his outing repeatedly in his head.

"After having a night to think about it I realized that I still have some time left in the season. I just have to simplify things and just go out there and compete," he said. "When anybody gets hit around, myself included, there's a certain fear creeping into your mind about getting hit and that really isn't the case. Throughout this whole thing I've stayed aggressive pretty much in the zone and I'm not worried about getting hit. I'm confident over the next month or so I'll be able to turn it around."

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