Byrnes, Melvin maintain confidence

Byrnes, Melvin maintain confidence

SAN FRANCISCO -- With just three weeks left on the schedule, both D-backs GM Josh Byrnes and manager Bob Melvin insist they remain confident in their team's chances of making the postseason.

"I think we still have the capabilities of being a very good team," Byrnes said. "Our record right now wouldn't suggest that. We have enough time in the regular season to show it, and if we get [into the playoffs] we'll see how we stack up. I think there's frustration level, but I don't think we underestimate what we can do. We can be a very dangerous team. But, obviously, it's September 9, and we've got to start showing it."

There have been plenty of comparisons between the D-backs' and Dodgers' schedule down the stretch, but it's not something that Melvin has expended much time or effort on.

"I think our mind-set just has to be on winning games, regardless of who we are playing or regardless of what challenges they may have for us," Melvin said. "It's at the point now where it's more about us than anything else."

Certainly, the D-backs will need co-aces Brandon Webb and Dan Haren to turn things around if they hope to catch the Dodgers. The pair's struggles have been a mystery, but both insist their problems are not injury related.

"Tired maybe," Byrnes said of the two hurlers. "They've pitched a lot of innings and a lot of high-level innings. With the middle chunk of the year, they were pitching into the sixth, seventh and eighth inning a lot without a lot of run support. It's been a tough year on them. The two of them largely carried us to this point. But are they two guys we want to have in the rotation from this point forward? Absolutely. It's just a matter of them being human."

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