Montero to talk with Bauer about formulating plan

Montero to talk with Bauer about formulating plan

Montero to talk with Bauer about formulating plan
PHOENIX -- As of Friday afternoon, D-backs catcher Miguel Montero and pitcher Trevor Bauer had not met to discuss how they could better be on the same page in Bauer's future starts.

"He hasn't come to me, so I guess I have to go to him," Montero said.

Montero was out of the lineup Friday, so he planned on sitting with Bauer during the game to talk things over. Bauer repeatedly shook Montero off in his last start Tuesday and suggested Thursday that he would sit down with Montero to discuss it.

"I've got a lot of things to worry about right now," Montero said. "I've got 12 other pitchers that I have to take care of, too. I'll find a good time to talk to him and find out what's cracking."

Montero said he does not have a problem with Bauer shaking him off during a game, nor does he think the rookie should defer to him on everything.

However, the veteran would like to at least have a talk with Bauer before his starts to have an idea of what kind of game plan Bauer does have.

"I understand he pitches his way, but at the same time we need to have a plan," Montero said. "If the guy's a good fastball hitter, yeah, you can throw the fastball, but where? It's just things we need to talk [about]. We need to have a little game plan. It's not like we're going out there, 'This is the way I'm going to pitch and I'm going to throw it like that.' I mean we need to have a little game plan. Guys here make better adjustments than Double-A and Triple-A."

Montero was asked if he had caught pitchers before who wanted to call their own game, and he cited Livan Hernandez and Randy Johnson.

"It was Livan Hernandez -- he was a veteran of 15 years in the league so I think he had a better idea than me because it was my rookie year in the big leagues," Montero said. "Even that being said, we'd talk about it. We talk about how we're going to do things, so that way I had a little plan about how he liked to do things. I had Randy. Who's Randy? A Hall of Fame guy that I had to catch, right? We talked about it before the game as well. We talk, we see, we had a game plan. It makes things easier for me and for him."

If Bauer's first two starts had gone better, this might not be as big of a topic of conversation.

"As long as the results are good, everything is good," Montero said. "But when things don't work out the way we all expect, it gets a little frustrating."