Long layoff between starts not worrying Bauer

Long layoff between starts not worrying Bauer

Long layoff between starts not worrying Bauer
CHICAGO -- When Trevor Bauer takes the mound Tuesday against the Reds, the right-hander will be starting on eight days' rest.

It can be difficult sometimes for starting pitchers to stay sharp with that kind of a layoff, but Bauer might be uniquely suited to doing it given that just a little more than a year ago he was still in college starting once a week for UCLA.

"Ten days off, a month off -- whatever," Bauer said. "I still have the same routine. As long as I get on the mound and my mechanics are in sync, I don't see a problem."

Bauer actually took two days off from throwing during the All-Star break. How rare is that? It was just the second and third days he has not thrown this year. Not this season, but this calendar year. Yes, Bauer throws a lot.

After two subpar starts to begin his Major League career, Bauer tossed a gem against the Dodgers on the Sunday before the break. He said that he never doubted that the success would come.

"I'm not focused on really the results, I'm focused on the process of what I need to do to succeed and get guys out," he said. "I can get guys out wherever I play -- I know that -- if my mechanics are in order and I execute my pitches."

Pitching may be the easiest adjustment that Bauer has made since coming to the big leagues a few weeks ago.

"There's a lot of stuff, there's the written rules and all the unwritten rules," Bauer said. "I'm trying to learn all those and avoid as many pitfalls as I can."

Bauer's teammates told him not to sign autographs when he's between the white lines during batting practice, and he was reminded when it was acceptable to take the team bus to the ballpark and when he should take a cab over on his own earlier.