Hudson focusing on big picture following surgery

Hudson focusing on big picture following surgery

Hudson focusing on big picture following surgery
PHOENIX -- D-backs right-hander Daniel Hudson is trying to stay positive after having Tommy John surgery earlier this month, but the reality is it's going to be a long rehab process.

"It's not weird," he said of not being able to pitch. "It stinks."

The typical recovery period for the surgery is 12 months, and Hudson just began trying to strengthen his forearm and improve his range of motion.

"It is what it is," Hudson said. "I can't do anything about it now, I just have to try and fix it. It's a slow process. It stinks being home and watching the guys, but it also stinks being on the road and watching on TV. It's so far away right now that you just take baby steps. You try to keep the bigger picture in mind."

The bigger picture is the success rate for the procedure is very good, and some pitchers even throw harder after it than they did before.

For an example, Hudson need look no further than former teammate Jarrod Parker, who had the surgery in the fall of 2009 and missed the entire 2010 campaign. Parker came back and pitched well in the Minors in 2011, and after being dealt to the A's last offseason, he's been outstanding for Oakland this year.

"He's a pretty good case of what could happen with this surgery," Hudson said. "Guys come back just as strong, if not stronger. I just try to keep that in mind. Can't really tell at this point if I'm going to be in that group or not, but I'm just going to get my work in and try and make sure I am."

It will be another four months before Hudson picks up a baseball, and quite a while after that before he knows just how his elbow will respond.

"My surgery was a success because I didn't die on the table," he said. "That's all you can really say at this point."