Improving Parra still a work in progress

Improving Parra still a work in progress

PHILADELPHIA -- D-backs manager Kirk Gibson sat down with outfielder Gerardo Parra on Sunday morning to discuss a play that occurred late in Saturday's 3-0 loss to the Phillies.

Arizona trailed 2-0 when Parra worked a two-out walk against Phillies' reliever Josh Lindblom. But even though the tying run was at the plate and the power-hitting Jason Kubel was on deck, Parra attempted to steal second. He was called out in a close play to end the inning, but the stolen base never should have been attempted in the first place.

"He knew he had the red light," Gibson said. "He just made a mistake. That's part of him learning how to harness his enthusiasm. He's trying to do well. My job is to help him have a better understanding of how the scoreboard dictates what you do and when you do it. We went through it."

Gibson noted how far the 25-year-old Venezuelan has come in his four seasons with the D-backs. This season, Parra is hitting .281 with 14 doubles and two triples in 89 games. But he's not a finished product, Gibson said.

"Overall, I couldn't be happier with Parra," Gibson said. "You'd never know if Parra was 5-for-5 or 0-for-5 on any given day. He brings it every day. He's a total team guy.

"He wants to do good. He's aggressive, which you could say, 'Would you rather have to get the cattle prod out and make him go, or would you rather have reins?' You'd rather have reins. You just have to teach him along the way."