Hernandez available out of 'pen for D-backs

Hernandez available out of 'pen for D-backs

PITTSBURGH -- David Hernandez's right leg was a little sore and swollen, but the D-backs reliever said he expected to be available to pitch if needed Monday night.

Hernandez was struck on the side of his lower right leg in the eighth inning Sunday, which turned into a nightmare for the D-backs.

"Not quite the shin or the calf," Hernandez said of where the ball hit him. "It's just a little sore and if I sit down it gets stiff, but once I start moving around, it loosens it up. I don't think I'll need any time off, so that's good."

The Phillies got three infield hits during that inning, and Hernandez's throw to first hit Dominic Brown as the Phillies scored a run to tie the game.

Hernandez has done his best to try and put the frustration of the inning behind him.

"What happened yesterday?" he said with a smile. "It's just one of those things, it's going to happen over the course of the season. It was unfortunate, because any time you score four runs off a Cliff Lee-type pitcher, you expect to win that game and it's just unlucky. I feel like I made some good pitches, but sometimes that's just the way the ball bounces."