Kubel slowly regaining timing at the plate

Kubel slowly regaining timing at the plate

PITTSBURGH -- Each day, left fielder Jason Kubel feels as though he's getting his timing back at the plate a little more.

After a sluggish start to the season, Kubel was one of the club's most consistent and hottest hitters. Since July 28, though, he is in a 4-for-34 slump, with just one homer and one RBI.

"I know kind of what it is, it's just hard to fix it," Kubel said. "It's just timing-wise, and that throws everything off for me."

And what happens when his timing is off?

"You don't see [the ball] as well and you tend to rush a little bit, and your hip flies open and it's just one thing after another," he said. "Each day it's gotten a little better and better. Your swing is fine, you work on it all the time, that's not the issue. It's just getting ready for the swing."