Elmore happy to adjust to life in the big leagues

Elmore happy to adjust to life in the big leagues

ST. LOUIS -- Jake Elmore could get used to this big league travel thing.

The D-backs rookie, who was called up from Triple-A Reno on Saturday, got his first taste of how a Major League team travels. Rather than an early morning day of the game flight on a commercial aircraft, the team flies on a chartered jet and its bus pulls right up to the jet instead of going through the airport.

"Free food and you get your own row," Elmore said.

And unlike in the Minor Leagues where players have roommates, at the Major League level players get their own rooms.

"My mom called and asked me who my roommate was," Elmore said. "I told her, 'Mom, we get our own rooms.'"

After a whirlwind weekend, Elmore is starting to settle in a little more.

"I'd say probably one of the bigger adjustments is the crowd noise," he said. "I remember my first AB and I got up and it was 3-1 and they're trying to rattle the pitcher so they put 'scream' up on the scoreboard and then all of a sudden 34,000 people are screaming and you just hear this dull roar the entire time you're hitting, so that's an adjustment."

One he's happy to make, though.

"It's everything that I imagined," he said. "You work your whole life to get here, and when you get here, you hope you're not disappointed and I'm not disappointed, not one bit."