Gibson wants Eaton to ease up with runners on

Gibson wants Eaton to ease up with runners on

DENVER -- D-backs manager Kirk Gibson has been impressed so far with rookie outfielder Adam Eaton, but Gibson would like to see Eaton not put so much pressure on himself with runners in scoring position.

"You can tell he presses a little bit in those situations," Gibson said. "It's something he's got to get better at. I know he can do it. I've watched him. He did it for [Triple-A] Reno this year, as well. It's a mentality. That's kind of a thing that will come with his comfort and understanding the league more. If you guys watch him, how many games do you see him go 0-2 to lead off a game and then go 3-2 and walk? That's a different at-bat than you saw with men in scoring position. He's pressing a little bit in those situations."

Eaton is hitting .246 overall with a .380 on-base percentage overall. With runners in scoring position he is just 2-for-15, but he has drawn five walks for a .381 on-base percentage.

When telling Eaton or any other player not to put pressure on themselves or get frustrated by failure, Gibson can't help but note the irony given his intense makeup during his playing days.

"I'm telling them to not take it too hard and not show it too hard, and yet I was the worst of all time," Gibson said. "I do tell him that. I understand that, like, you need to start preparing for the next opportunity. Don't beat yourself up. In the end, I learned to say, 'Geez, that's not like you. You usually succeed in those situations.' Kind of put a picture in your mind, imprint success in those situations, so the next time you come up you're of that belief instead of the belief after getting done breaking two bats and a helmet."