Marte's development catching Gibson's eye

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- D-backs outfield prospect Alfredo Marte may not be swinging the bat in Spring Training the way he'd like to, but his development in camp has caught the eye of manager Kirk Gibson, who can see him gaining poise on a daily basis.

"He's moving around more now, feeling more comfortable, not worried about making a mistake," said Gibson. "He's relaxing and just starting to play. You can tell he's getting a lot more confidence."

In 14 spring at-bats entering play Sunday, Marte has collected just three hits. Last year with Double-A Mobile, however, the 23-year-old posted a .363 on-base percentage and drove in 75 runs.

Gibson added that the language barrier between some of the coaches and the Dominican Republic native has caused some issues at times, but that Marte has been eager to listen, regardless.

"He's picking up some things," Gibson said. "You have to make it a point to communicate with him, but he's right there."