Players feeling rejuvenated after the break

PHOENIX -- Paul Goldschmidt and Miguel Montero spent time in Minneapolis with the National League team in the All-Star Game, but for the rest of the D-backs, the All-Star break was a welcome reprieve from a first half marred by injuries and losing streaks.

"It always does [refresh the team]," manager Kirk Gibson said Thursday. "When you get a chance to go back and take time out and spend time with your family and do what you want, I think it's special.

"Guys grind every day when the season's going. Our season's been tough."

Montero said his time at the All-Star Game -- the second of his career -- was a good time.

"Unfortunately we lost the game," he said. "But I enjoyed it."

Gibson said that the short break has already had a positive effect on the team before they've played their first second-half game.

"They've come in; they're happy; they're relaxed," he said. "You wish we could play relaxed. That's a bonus. We'll start out that way tomorrow."

But for some players, the off-days may have a cooling effect.

Outfielder Mark Trumbo just got back into the lineup after missing nearly three months with a stress fracture in his left foot.

After going 1-for-9 in three games against the Giants before the break, Trumbo got time off and is now trying to get back into the swing of playing nearly every day.

"I was glad to get a few games in before the break, though," Trumbo said. "That was kind of one of the goals I had.

"Three days -- that's enough to throw anybody's timing off. Albeit, I haven't been in there as much as these guys, but a break's a break, so I think everyone's kind of dealing with the same thing."

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