Snyder to see ample time behind dish

Snyder to see ample time behind dish

PHOENIX -- Chris Snyder has a unique way of describing how an injured back hampered him in 2009.

"A doctor told me if I was a car I would have had three flat tires," said the D-backs catcher, who eventually had surgery in September. "Nobody wants to drive a car with three flat tires."

And how is he feeling now?

"The tires are inflated up to 32 psi and ready to roll," he said.

While he was on the disabled list last year, Miguel Montero played so well both offensively and defensively that he wound up as the starter with Snyder relegated to the bench.

Snyder said he was told that he will get his first start of the year behind the plate in Wednesday's series finale against the Padres. Ian Kennedy will be making his first start in an Arizona uniform in that game.

"It'll be just like always," Snyder said. "I will put my focus on making sure I'm prepared, the pitcher is prepared, that they have confidence in me, that I have confidence in me and we both have confidence in the game plan."

While Montero is clearly the starter, manager A.J. Hinch went out of his way throughout the spring to say that both will play.

"We have two Major League catchers," Hinch said. "I'm not going to bury Snydes."