Montero's injury limited to meniscus

Montero's injury limited to meniscus

LOS ANGELES -- It wasn't exactly good news, but it was the best the D-backs could have gotten under the circumstances.

Orthopedic specialist Lewis Yocum agreed with D-backs team doctor Michael Lee that catcher Miguel Montero's right knee injury was limited to the meniscus and did not involve any ligaments.

Lee will perform surgery on Montero on Thursday morning in Phoenix.

"It was as good of bad news as you can get," Arizona manager A.J. Hinch said. "It's encouraging to be able to get him surgery now and start the recovery process."

The estimate on how long the rehab process will be is four to six weeks, but given the stress a catcher puts on his knees, it could take longer.

"It's probably the worst position to have a knee issue," said Hinch, a former big league catcher.

Montero suffered the injury last Saturday while trying to leg out a ground ball. The torn meniscus was diagnosed the following morning, but as is typical, Montero sought a second opinion. As the days went on, though, Montero started getting anxious.

"He feels like every day he's missing, he's missing on the back end," Hinch said. "So we'll get him healthy as quickly as we can."